8 Best Holiday Gifts For Aspiring Mechanics

Holiday shopping for  someone that is mechanically inclined? Check out these holiday gift ideas that are perfect for those who like to tackle automotive projects! 1. Pocket Light  (brightens dark work spaces) 2. Cordless Drill  (compact and easy to handle for automotive repair) 3. Automotive Tool Sets (complete with wrenches and pliers) 4. Jack and Jack stands (hydraulic jacks to get underneath the car) 5.Mechanic’s Gloves (comfy and practical gloves to protect your hands while working) 6. Car Care Supplies (wash and wax products) 7. Scan Tool (This electronic tool plugs into your vehicle and can pinpoint automotive troubles.) 8. Automotive Magazine Subscription For all your automotive needs, call the experts at Fast Lane Automotive! Call 407-270-1506 today to schedule your FREE car consultation! Sources: Knowhow.napaonline; Best Holiday Gifts [...]

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Best Holiday Gifts for Car Lovers & Enthusiasts

Need to get something special for a car lover this holidayseason?! Never fear, help is here! Check out these top gifts for car enthusiasts. Sirius XM Radio Subscription Jump Starter Battery Packs Performance Tires Universal Cell Phone Air Vent Car Mount Holder Automatic Cordless Tire Inflator Heated Massage Cushion Car Dice for the rearview mirror These cool car gifts can be found online or automotive parts store.  If you need some help finding the perfect car gift, let the experts at Fast Lane Automotive give you a hand! Call 407-270-1506 today to schedule your FREE car consultation! Sources: Consumer Reports; Perfect Gifts for Car Lovers Auto Guide; 10 Holiday Gift Guide

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