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I should pay for that? Have you ever stopped to think about what goes into diagnosing your vehicle’s problems? The amount of time your automotive technician spends in school or the amount of money required to purchase the equipment needed to interface with today’s high tech computer systems? Did you know that the average vehicle has dozens of on-board computers? The engine management computer controls the engine’s fuel system, spark timing curve, emissions, and proper drivability, and that’s just 1 computer. There are transmission control computers, brake control computers, traction control computers, interior climate control computers, and even seat memory computers. Any or all of them will be found in your vehicle. When was the last time your plumber came to your house to find a leaking pipe, spent an [...]

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MotorAge Magazine Reports: Dealership repairs cost 34 percent more than at independent shops, states study

(You don’t have to pay more, plus you get a better warranty!) Vehicle repairs cost an average 34 percent more at new car dealerships than at independent repair shops, resulting in $11.7 billion in excess costs annually to consumers, according to research from the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA). The study reveals differences in the costs of parts and labor between domestic and import vehicle nameplates and from city to city. Consumers in Los Angeles pay as much as 46.8 percent more at dealerships than independent repair shops for repairs, according to AAIA. The cost to consumers of specific repairs also varies widely. For example, the average cost for radiator repair for a foreign nameplate vehicle, including parts and labor, is $325.99 higher at a dealer than at an independent [...]

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The Best Orlando Auto Repair Shops Employ Highly-Skilled Technicians

Computer technology can be seen in almost all facets of life these days, including in motor vehicles. In fact, when you get your car serviced in an Orlando auto repair shop, you can expect mechanics-turned-technicians to be working on your car. As an article Florida Weekly says: Increasingly, automotive repair and service is becoming a high-tech profession, note officials with the nonprofit National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. Old images die hard, but yesterday's mechanics have become today's technicians, complete with hand-held computer diagnostic tools and a wall full of credentials attesting to their abilities. Cars of the not-so-distant past (i.e, the 90s) were built mostly with mechanical parts and very little electronics involved. The situation has reversed with the latest models, which now practically run on on-board computers. This [...]

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Orlando Auto Repair Shop Discusses the Common Signs of Brake Problems

Florida is no stranger to car crashes, with the state logging about 250,000 cases each year according to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). However, an accident that occurred in early June might be one for the record books: Instead of slamming into another car, the involved vehicle crashed into the storefront of a local convenience store. Below is the transcript of WESH Orlando’s live report on the incident: "…Right now as you can see the tow truck driver is getting ready to tow that car away. You see there isn't much damage to the front end of the car which is surprising. Because when you look at the damage done to the store, you see the front of the building completely smashed in. I spoke to the driver [...]

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Orlando Auto Repair Companies Help Improve Gas Mileage and Save Money

Recently, a News 13 article reported on the increasing gas prices consumers are seeing at the pumps in Orlando. According to oil industry experts, the ongoing turmoil in the Middle East is the main contributor to the skyrocketing cost of fuel in the state, and across the nation. The Middle East, especially Saudi Arabia, is one of the country’s biggest sources of crude oil, which is then refined for distribution to gas pumps across the country. When prices rise or fall in the Middle East for whatever reason, this causes a domino effect that eventually trickles down to ordinary consumers. Vehicle owners concerned about how the increasing cost of purchasing fuel for their vehicles might affect their budgets can turn to a reputable Orlando auto repair company, like Fast [...]

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Orlando Auto Repair Technicians Can Help You Improve Your Gas Mileage

Gas prices in Florida have been on the rise for several weeks. According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), the harsh winter weather and transportation issues are to blame. In addition, the delivery of a bad batch of fuel to Tampa International Airport pulled fuel-transport trucks away from their regular service routes to aid in averting a crisis at the airport and decreased supply at some service stations. Although experts don’t expect gas prices to rise any higher than last year’s $3.79 peak, some commuters fear that additional setbacks may cause gas prices to rise higher than the $4 level. Regardless of whether that possibility becomes a reality, however, the current prices for fuel are just as good a reason as any for commuters to consider taking their vehicles [...]

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Top Auto Repair in Orlando: Fast Lane Automotive Receives 2014 Best of Orlando Award

Orlando Award Program Honors the Achievement ORLANDO April 23, 2014 -- Fast Lane Automotive has been selected for the 2014 Best of Orlando Award in the Automotive Repair category by the Orlando Award Program. Each year, the Orlando Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Orlando area a great place to live, work and play. Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2014 Orlando Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by [...]

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Quality Auto Repair in Orlando will Aid You in Transmission Problems

Like any mechanical contraption, car transmissions─ be they automatic or manual─ may break down at some point. When they do, you’ll need to have an auto repair shop look at it fast. A How Stuff Works article by Christopher Neiger and Akweli Parker details why taking care of the transmission is vital. There’s no denying that Orlando is a place of long straight roads, even right in the tropical environment of central Florida. There exists, however, a danger of your car’s transmission acting up on you just when you need the power to safely negotiate the interstate– and a sudden stop in the middle of the highway can be a recipe for disaster. When you need your transmission at peak efficiency, an Orlando auto repair shop like Fast Lane [...]

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Orlando Auto Repair Experts Tell you when Brake Pads Need Replacements

With car ownership comes a lot of responsibility, not to mention expenses. Proper maintenance is arguably the most taxing part of having a vehicle simply because it will entail regular service, replacements, and repairs. Failure to seek proper maintenance may lead to accidents for the vehicle’s passengers and damages to the car. Last year, a school bus in Jefferson County collided with a car (which in turn collided with another car) due to a crack in the former’s air brake valve. Although no one was hurt or injured, the safety of the driver along with its student passengers were nevertheless put at risk and all vehicles involved needed repairs. As a driver, it’s your responsibility to make sure similar accidents never happen to you. Your brake’s linings can wear [...]

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