How To Remove Stickers From Your Car

When it’s time to retire your bumper stickers there is a simple method to remove them. All you need is a hair dryer!

  • Hold the hair dryer about 6″ from the sticker.
  • Blow heat on the sticker for a minute or two.
  • If the corner of the sticker does not start to lift try blowing heat longer.
  • Starting at a corner, with your fingernail (or razor blade to grab the edge only) peel back a corner.
  • Pull back, folding the corner over against the face of sticker. Don’t pull directly up.
  • Pull slowly by the corner of the sticker in the opposite direction and continue to apply heat as needed.
  • Once the sticker is off, clean off remaining adhesive with an automotive adhesive cleaner.
  • You may need to re-apply wax to the area.

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