6 Things That Could Go Wrong On Your Thanksgiving Road Trip

Breaking down on your Thanksgiving road trip will leave you feeling less than thankful. You’ve got places to go and people to see, and you’re relying on your automobile to get you there. Fast Lane Automotive believes that knowledge is power, so we’re going to list six common things that could go wrong so you can prepare for them before you pull out of the driveway.

1. Automobile Accident

Drive defensively while on the road this Thanksgiving weekend. This is the most traveled weekend of the year and people will be driving like maniacs. Make sure your vehicle is safe and reliable so you aren’t the cause of an accident and stay alert at all times, driving defensively, to avoid automobile accidents.

2. Blown-Out Tire

One thing that could cause an accident is a blown-out tire. Check your tires before your road trip to make sure they have plenty of evenly-worn tread and zero signs of problems. Make sure they’re inflated properly and aren’t overdue for a rotation. Your wheels should be balanced and aligned, too.

3. Brake Failure

Brake failure can also cause an accident, and if you’re stuck in Thanksgiving traffic, you could overheat your brakes and they could fail. Prevent brake problems with an inspection prior to your road trip to make sure the pads have plenty of surface on them and your brake fluid is clean and full.

4. Fuel Issues

Fuel issues can range from running out of gas – keep the tank 1/2 full to prevent this – or fuel system clogs or leaks. You might notice engine performance problems on your road trip if the fuel injectors are clogged or the fuel pump is dying. If you haven’t had your fuel system serviced, do so now.

5. Overheated Engine

A cooling system service is also in order prior to your Thanksgiving trip if you haven’t had the system serviced in a long time. Fresh coolant will prevent your engine from overheating no matter how much traffic you get stuck in, and it’s also a good idea to change the motor oil to keep the engine cool.

6. System Failure

Finally, system failures that can leave you stranded roadside include electrical, exhaust, and transmission system breakdowns. If you keep up with your factory-scheduled maintenance, you shouldn’t have any problems. If you don’t, let us inspect your automobile.

Call Fast Lane Automotive in Orlando, FL, to schedule a vehicle inspection before you leave on your Thanksgiving road trip.

Photo by Odua Images from Canva Pro