6 Ways To Organize And De-Clutter Your Car

Don’t want to give someone a ride because your car is a mess? Help is here! Here are a few simple steps to de-clutter and organize your messy car.

  1. Before you start organizer, you need to get rid of the trash. Use a plastic cereal dispenser as a trash can for the car, and put a garbage bag inside the bin.
  2. Empty out the trash can every week, or when you fill your car with gas.
  3. Now, starts the organization. Use a coupon organizer to store registration, insurance papers, emergency numbers, and more inside your glove box.
  4. Buy a car mount as a reminder to not leave your phone behind.
  5. Repurpose old shoe bags or shower caddies to organize movies, toys, and snacks. Just hang them behind the front car seats and zip-tie them to the headrest.
  6. Place a deep wicker basket in the car for storing emergency supplies and tools.

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