7 Auto Myths People Still Believe

Just because you drive a car doesn’t mean you understand everything about cars. Here are 7 popular auto myths people still believe.

  1. Your car can be more powerful using jet fuel
    False. Your car won’t go anywhere unless you put gasoline in the tank.
  2. Manual transmissions are more fuel efficient than automatics.
    It used to be True, but advances in recent technology have changed it to False.
  3. A bullet to a car’s gas tank will lead to a big explosion.
    False, unless you’re in a Hollywood action epic.
  4. Turning on the air conditioner is more fuel efficient than opening the windows.
    False. Car industry experts say turning on the A/C burns more fuel than driving with the windows down.
  5. You get more for your money when you fill your gas tank in the morning.
    False. When temperatures are cooler, gas is denser and you can get more fuel per gallon. However, gasoline is stored underground and the temperature stays the same, so the density hardly changes.
  6. A dirty car is more fuel efficient than a clean one.
    False. Dirt particles can create more drag and reduce fuel efficiency by 10%.
  7. Driving with a pickup truck’s tailgate down is more fuel efficient than driving with the tailgate up.
    False. The tailgate down creates more drag and reduces fuel efficiency.

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