7 Ways To Save Money On Gas This Year

Want to save money at the pump?! Check out these gas saving tips from the car service pros.

  1. Avoid high speeds. Drop your speed down from 75 mph to 62 mph to save 15% on your fuel.
  2. Don’t accelerate or brake hard. Keep steady on starting and stopping to save 20% on gas consumption.
  3. Check your tires. If your tires are under inflated or not aligned properly, your car’s engine has to work harder and will burn more fuel.
  4. Lighten up the load. Remove heavy loads from the trunk to improve your gas mileage.
  5. Don’t blast the A/C. When the air conditioning is on, your car uses 20% more fuel.
  6. Keep your engine tuned-up. Dirty air filters and low fluid levels can make your car less fuel efficient.
  7. Roll up the windows. Windows rolled down can increase the drag and decrease fuel efficiency by 10%.

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