Automotive Fluids Are Crucial to Your Car

Your automobile relies on several different fluids to operate. When the fluids are low or dirty, the system in which they work might break down and could, ultimately, cause total engine failure. Fast Lane Automotive changes automotive fluids for our customers. Here are the primary systems in your vehicle where you’ll find the fluids that should be replaced per your manufacturer’s recommendations.

Air Conditioner

It’s rare to find a vehicle without air conditioning these days; what used to be an amenity is now standard. The AC needs refrigerant to cool down the air before the fan motor blows it into the cabin. If the refrigerant is low, you’ll feel cool or warm air blowing through the vents.


Brake fluid literally stops your automobile. If you do not have brake fluid in the braking system, you won’t be able to stop your car, truck, crossover, or SUV. Your owner’s manual will recommend the best time to change the brake fluid but, on average, it should be every 30,000 miles.


Your vehicle’s engine will seize, overheat, and die (for good) without motor oil. Whether conventional or synthetic, oil keeps your engine running smoothly while protecting crucial engine parts. Change your motor oil every 3,000 miles to ensure it’s always clean and viscous.

Power Steering

Power steering is another amenity that has become standard on most automobiles. Power steering fluid is red, and it helps make steering your vehicle easy. Those of you who have driven an automobile with manual steering know what we’re talking about.


Your radiator, or cooling system technically, needs coolant to maintain the internal temperature of your automobile’s engine. Today’s coolant also functions as antifreeze in most cases. It’s crucial to always have enough clean coolant in your cooling system or you risk overheating.


Transmission fluid is also red and it works much the same as motor oil does. Your transmission has hundreds of parts that work together to shift your automobile. These parts need lubrication to protect them, and transmission fluid is the oil that lubricates them.


Finally, you don’t think about your windshield washing fluid until a huge bug splatters on your windshield right in front of your eyes. Depending on the formula and if you live in a cold area, this fluid can also help de-ice the windshield in the winter.

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Photo by Nejron from Canva Pro