Call Fast Lane Automotive if Your Exhaust Manifold Has a Hole in It

Fast Lane Automotive can replace your car’s exhaust manifold if it has a hole in it. This can happen if the engine has been running too hot. The exhaust manifold is responsible for transferring the exhaust out of the combustion chamber into the catalytic converter. If the exhaust manifold is cracked, it will leak exhaust gases into the engine. Let’s talk more about this below.

Performance Issues

Because the exhaust gases fill the engine with air, you will start to have performance issues from your car, truck, or utility vehicle. Unfortunately, the engine will sputter and lag. This is because the engine is having a difficult time producing combustion in the combustion chamber because it is filled with exhaust.

Poor Fuel Economy

Unfortunately, these engine performance problems are also going to cause your vehicle to get poor fuel economy. This can be bad news if you are living on a tight budget and cannot afford to fill the tank more often. Your vehicle will continue to suffer from poor fuel economy until the exhaust manifold is replaced.

Hissing or Tapping

One way to tell if your exhaust manifold is leaking is if you hear hissing or tapping when you first start your automobile. This can also be a sign that the exhaust manifold gasket is leaking. Either way, the exhaust system part needs to be replaced to prevent the exhaust gases from filling the engine.

Strong Burning Odors

One consequence of an engine filled with exhaust gases is an overheating condition that creates strong burning odors. Unfortunately, this is a sign that the exhaust is overheating the metal engine parts and damaging parts made out of rubber or plastic. The exhaust gases that are leaking out of the manifold are quite hot.

Strong Exhaust Odors

You may also end up with strong exhaust odors in your automobile if the ventilation system is picking up the exhaust gases. This can make driving your vehicle extremely dangerous because you are inhaling the exhaust. As you already know, this means you are inhaling carbon monoxide, which is poisonous and deadly.

Check Engine Light

Finally, all of the problems that we have discussed above are going to cause the engine control unit to turn on the check engine light. This is the unit’s way of telling you that there is a problem in the engine that requires your immediate attention. In this case, the problem is a cracked exhaust manifold.

Call Fast Lane Automotive in Orlando, FL, today if you suspect that your car’s exhaust manifold is cracked.

Photo by stevechatterton from Getty Images via Canva Pro