Detail Your Car Like A Pro: 10 Best Car Cleaning Tips

Want to detail your car like a pro? Here are some quick and simple DIY car detailing tips and tricks.

  • Wash your car weekly by hand or local car wash.
  • Use car wash soap, not regular dishwashing liquid found in your kitchen.
  • Roll down the windows halfway and wipe the grime off the top of the windows.
  • Use a clay bar to remove embedded pollution from paint and for a smooth finish.
  • Get a mirrored finish by using a synthetic wax.
  • Vacuum the interior every week.
  • Slide seats forward to clean out the junk.
  • Use an inexpensive artist brush to brush out the air vents.
  • Clean the leather with a leather cleaning kit to remove ink and lipstick stains. Do it quick! Stains can set in as little as 24 hours.
  • Deep clean the carpet and upholstery with a carpet cleaning machine.

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