Does My Car’s Engine Need to Be Replaced?

Many consumers replace their vehicles when the engine needs to be replaced, but there are some cars that have special meanings to their drivers and they never plan to get rid of them. Perhaps the vehicle you’re driving was your first automobile or a classic that you saved years to buy. Fast Lane Automotive doesn’t care why you want to keep your car; we care about keeping it safe and reliable on the road for you, which is why we can replace the engine if any of the following happens.

Accident Damage

A serious automobile accident does more than damage a car’s body beyond repair; it also damages the engine. Your insurance company won’t pay for the engine replacement; you’ll have to buy the totaled vehicle back from them. If your car is your baby, however, it would probably be worth it to you to do this. You can get it restored after a major accident, including a new engine under the replaced hood. 

Cracked Block

A cracked engine block is a signed death certificate for an automobile. The damage is irreparable. You’ll have to have a new engine put in. Heat is what cracks an engine block. It doesn’t matter why your engine is overheating; it just matters that it is. The excess heat can crack the engine block and cause other significant damage, including cracking the exhaust manifold and blowing the head gasket.

Detonation Pressure

Another thing that cracks the engine block is excess pressure, and the combustion chamber is where you’ll find that in your car’s engine. Your vehicle detonates air and gasoline in the combustion chamber to create the conditions it needs to start and run. If there is too much heat and/or pressure being caused by the detonation, you’ll end up with engine block, cylinder, piston, and valve damage.

Oil Problems

If your engine oil is not doing its job, you’ll end up with serious engine trouble. Motor oil, whether conventional or synthetic, is tasked with lubricating engine parts to keep them cool and prevent friction. If the oil is old, dirty, or low all the time, it cannot do its job, and you’ll end up with a total engine failure. As the parts grind together, they will seize up, your engine will overheat, and it will die.

If any of these things happen to you, your car’s engine needs to be replaced. Call Fast Lane Automotive in Orlando, FL, to schedule an appointment. We’ll inspect your vehicle’s engine and recommend the proper course of action from there.

Photo by Simazoran from Getty Images via Canva Pro