Dumping Fluids Can Get You In BIG TROUBLE!

Fact: Did you know that improperly disposing of just 1 gallon of used motor oil could contaminate a million gallons of groundwater?!

No Kidding! This is why there are fines associated with improper disposal of many types of engine fluids. Don’t just throw it in the trash and let the garbage collectors pick it up!

It’s why auto repair shops in Orlando like us are always asking our customers to talk to us before dumping this stuff!

Laws on recycling fluids vary from city to city and state to state , so give us a call when you’re cleaning out your trunk or garage and dumping unwanted/leftover fluids. We can help you figure out both what to do to keep the environment clean and help you keep your actions in line with laws and guidelines so there’s no fines for you!

One other important tip on fluids: when setting these types of things aside to be disposed of, remember to keep them out of reach of children and pets!

We’re ready to help, call us right now! 321-236-9336


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