How to Assemble a Car Emergency Kit

There’s a reason why so many people say, “Drive safe” when they send their loved ones off for the day. Driving a vehicle is dangerous, whether it’s you or someone else’s carelessness. Even if you’re the safest driver in Florida, you should still keep a car emergency kit in your vehicle. Here are some suggestions from Fast Lane Automotive for the items in the kit.

Food and Comfort

What would you do if you were stranded in your vehicle for hours or even days? Most people never think about that but it could happen. Always keep bottled water and protein bars in your car, truck or SUV just in case you get stuck for an extended period. In the Florida summers, you’ll need that water to survive. You will also want to have blankets in your car just in case you get stuck and it’s cold outside.

Other things to include in your automobile’s emergency kit include a pen and paper in case you need to write a note or keep the kids entertained, a flashlight and extra batteries so you always know it will illuminate, and first-aid and tool kits. Why would you need a tool kit? What if you need to repair your vehicle or go outside to forage for nutrients. You’d be surprised what you can do with a pocket knife.

Repair Supplies

You should also be prepared in case you break down. This is an on-road emergency and many can be easily fixed if you have the stuff you need on hand. For example, if you keep a quart of oil and a gallon of coolant in the trunk, you’re ready to do it yourself if your vehicle loses either fluid. Naturally, flat tires require spares, a lug wrenches and jacks to fix them, or you could have a can of tire sealant on hand.

Don’t travel without jumper cables, either, especially if your battery is a few years old. You don’t need an ice scraper in Florida, but if you’re heading up north to see mom, put one in the glove compartment. Another trick is to fill a water bottle with washer fluid to keep your windows clean. Finally, pack some LED flares and hazard triangles in the trunk to alert oncoming traffic of your emergency.

We are Fast Lane Automotive and you’ll find our shop on Hoffner Avenue in Orlando, FL. Preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid an on-road emergency, so call us today at 321-214-7045 to set up an appointment.

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