How To Keep Your Leather Car Seats Looking New

Want to make sure your car leather seats look new and feel smooth? Just follow my simple tips to protect your leather interior from becoming dull and cracked after years of wear and tear.

It’s not primarily the use of your seats that causes them to wear (though this certainly plays a role). The buildup of dirt is what wears on your leather surfaces and causes them to dull. On top of that, the leather loses essential oils and protectants over time. If you don’t take care of your leather seats then the surface will start to look dull and cracks will start to form. Warmer climates also cause leather to age and crack much faster than colder climates.

Want my best advice to keep your seats clean? It’s as simple as this: Clean your seats regularly.

Regular cleaning and conditioning is all it takes to keep leather looking fresh and supple. Just remove dirt with a cleaner that is leather-friendly, and then use a leather conditioner to moisturize the leather. Make sure you choose a water-based, pH-balanced leather conditioner.

Set up monthly or quarterly interior maintenance reminders on your phone. It’s much easier (and cheaper) to spend a little time protecting your leather interior than spending money to replace it or fix it down the road.

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