It’s Too Dangerous To Ignore!!!

Don’T Ignore Recall Notices!

Even if it seems like it’s for something minor like a replacement bulb! Small things can cause big fires and endanger your life and the life of your family and children!

When a recall is announced car owners are notified by mail, but it can take up to two to three months after the announcement before you receive the notice! It’s unsettling to think that you could be driving yourself and your family around in an unsafe vehicle without knowing it.

Find the VIN

All you need is your vehicles VIN – Vehicle Information Number. This is a 17 digit number that is located in various places in the car. It’s typically located on the car’s dashboard and on the sticker of the driver’s side door jam. The VIN might also be found on paperwork that corresponds to your car, such as the title and insurance policy.

Here’s Where to Find Recall Information:

  • Call any new-car dealer that sells your car brand. They can use the VIN to look up safety recalls and tell you right away.
  • Check the website of your car’s manufacturer, many post recall notices right there
  • Sign up for notifications: To ensure that you receive notification of the latest safety recall, you can sign up for free by calling the NHTSA’s (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236.
  • Other websites that can help:

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