Keep You Car Clean With This Quick Easy Tips

When it comes to good auto care, maintaining a healthy engine and brakes is important. But there are other ways you can take great care of your vehicle by making sure it looks great and stays clean. Proper car care involves a lot of things, and a clean vehicle is no exception. Today’s cars look better than ever before, but they still require a lit bit of cleaning and some TLC. Over time, things like dead insects, bird droppings, and general dirt and grime can build up, causing your beautiful car to lose its shine. Here are a few things you can do to make sure your vehicle is constantly looking its best.

Car Cleaning Tips

First, you need to ensure that your paint is protected from the elements. Road grime and even acid rain can eat away at the finish, leaving dull spots and peeling paint. Get your car washed regularly to protect the paint job, particularly after periods of snow where it can quickly accumulate dirt and grime. But a car wash along won’t keep that shiny finish looking beautiful. Apply a high-quality wax to your paint every few months for added shine and another layer of protection. If you decide to wash your car by hand, never use dish soap! Always choose a good car cleaning solution made specifically for vehicles. Dish soap has the potential to strip off your paint.

Don’t Forget the Interior

Not only does a clean and shiny car make it look good, but a clean cabin will make you feel good. Make removing the trash, food, and other junk a regular habit so the inside stays clean and free of debris. Vacuum your floorboards and upholstery on a regular basis to get in between cracks and crevices. You can even shampoo the carpet if you want to for a fresh, new smell. Not only will this make your car smell great, but it also increases the resale value should you decide to sell. Replace the cabin air filter to get rid of old smells and pesky mildew. This simple step can make your car smell brand-new again.

In addition to the paint and the interior, check on your headlight lenses. They can become cloudy over time and make your lights look dimmer. You can easily get the headlight and taillight lenses restored for a new look and clearer vision when you drive at night.

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