New Year’s Resolutions For Drivers

As the holiday season is winding down and you are preparing to make your resolutions for how to make 2020 the best year yet, you may be tempted by the list of usual suspects: health, weight loss, and money. Fast Lane Automotive wants to give you another option. What about your vehicle? Think about it. You are on the road every day getting where you need to go. This year why not include these car care and driving habits in your resolutions list.

Don’t Drive Distracted

Texting and driving is already against the law, but we also recommend that you avoid even holding your phone to talk on it while you are behind the wheel. If you haven’t already, purchase a hands-free device to use when you are making calls so you can keep both hands on the wheel. If you do need to send a text while you are on the road ask a passenger to do it or pull over into a safe parking area. We also advise that you avoid eating while you are driving and choosing your playlist or radio station before you start driving.

Avoid Road Rage

We get it. It is easy to get frustrated by other drivers when you are on the road, but you shouldn’t let that frustration reach the level of road rage. Instead, leave extra time in your commute plans to allow for traffic and relax. If someone does cut you off or refuse to even go the speed limit in the fast lane, avoid the urge to lay on your horn and scream at them as you pass. It won’t change anything anyway.

Brush Up on Your Traffic Laws

It has probably been a few years or even decades since you took your written driving test. Even though driving has become second nature, it is still only natural for you to forget some of those facts you memorized to pass it in the first place. A few of the things you could probably use a refresher on are four-way stops, right and left lanes, and what to do when you see a flashing red light versus a flashing yellow light.

Keep Up With Your Maintenance

We think this is the most important resolution on the list.  Keeping up with your regular oil changes, maintenance, and inspections will keep your vehicle running smoothly and save you money in the long run.

Fast Lane Automotive wants to wish you and your loved ones happiness and prosperity in the new year. Don’t forget to call us for all your vehicle maintenance and repair needs.

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