Orlando Auto Repair Shop Discusses The Common Signs Of Brake Problems

Florida is no stranger to car crashes, with the state logging about 250,000 cases each year according to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). However, an accident that occurred in early June might be one for the record books: Instead of slamming into another car, the involved vehicle crashed into the storefront of a local convenience store. Below is the transcript of WESH Orlando’s live report on the incident:

“…Right now as you can see the tow truck driver is getting ready to tow that car away. You see there isn’t much damage to the front end of the car which is surprising. Because when you look at the damage done to the store, you see the front of the building completely smashed in. I spoke to the driver who told me he was on interstate four. He began having brake problems so he pulled off the road and came here to the 7-11 to check his brake fluid. The fluid was full so he put the car in reverse to leave the parking lot. That’s when the brake trouble started again. So he put the car in drive and the car slowly rolled into the 7-11.”

While no one was injured in the accident, the store did suffer considerable damage. It’s important to note, however, that the whole episode could have been avoided had the brake problem been addressed promptly.

Fortunately, brake failures rarely happen out of the blue, and tell-tale signs usually alert you to potential problems. Fast Lane Automotive, an Orlando auto repair shop, said that by taking note of these symptoms, you can avoid major mishaps like the one described above:

Pushing Down Harder to Brake

Do you find yourself pushing down harder on the brake to halt your vehicle? If so, your brake pads have started wearing out and they need to be replaced.

Vibrating Brake Pedals

A vibrating brake pedal can signify that your rotors have become warped. This often happens when you brake for extended periods of time, like when you drive down a steep slope. The intense friction and heat causes the rotor to warp, which in turn cause the brake pads to vibrate as they can no longer grab the rotor’s surface evenly.

Squealing Sounds

Brake pads are equipped with wear indicators that are designed to come into contact with the rotor after the pads have become worn out with use. When this happens, it creates a squealing sound that should prompt you to have your brakes checked ASAP.

If you encounter any of these signs, bring your car to a trusted Orlando, FL auto repair shop that will evaluate and replace your brakes so you can avoid accidents.

(Source: Car in 7-Eleven crash has issues with brakes, driver says, WESH Orlando, June 6, 2014)

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