Orlando Auto Repair Technicians Can Help You Improve Your Gas Mileage

Gas prices in Florida have been on the rise for several weeks. According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), the harsh winter weather and transportation issues are to blame. In addition, the delivery of a bad batch of fuel to Tampa International Airport pulled fuel-transport trucks away from their regular service routes to aid in averting a crisis at the airport and decreased supply at some service stations.

Although experts don’t expect gas prices to rise any higher than last year’s $3.79 peak, some commuters fear that additional setbacks may cause gas prices to rise higher than the $4 level. Regardless of whether that possibility becomes a reality, however, the current prices for fuel are just as good a reason as any for commuters to consider taking their vehicles to a trusted Orlando auto repair company for repairs tweaks that may improve gas mileage.

Leaky Fuel Lines

Leaks in the fuel system are a relatively frequent problem. Although, drippy leaks that leave puddles of gas under the vehicle are an obvious sign of a problem, not all fuel system leaks are quite as conspicuous.

Vapor fuel leaks don’t often cause a massive decrease in gas mileage, but they do cause gas to slowly and constantly leak out into the atmosphere. Over time, the cost of gas vapors leaking out can accrue and be well worth a pretty penny. The leaking gas vapors are also bad for the environment.

Hidden Fuel System Issues

The fuel system can also hide other issues that can have an adverse effect on gas mileage. In fuel injector systems, for example, changes in fuel pressure can cause the engine to operate poorly. This results in it using more gasoline to achieve the necessary performance.

Dehydrated Engines

Just like animals, engines rely on fluids to keep them going—actually, a range of fluids. Fresh oil, coolant and transmission fluid will help to keep your engine healthy and keep it from consuming too much gas for every mile.

Tires and Brakes

While they might not seem related to fuel economy, maintenance of a vehicle’s tires and brakes can contribute to better gas mileage. The rolling resistance of your tires affects how much gas the engine needs in order to get and keep the vehicle moving. Similarly, brake problems that affect the rolling resistance of the vehicle can also affect gas mileage.

When coming in for auto repair in Orlando at shops like Fast Lane Automotive, vehicle owners can have the issues above checked for and repaired. With better gas mileage, they won’t need to draw as much gas at the pump and may even be able to spend less despite the price hikes.

(Source: Gas prices rise on summer switch, Russian conflict, News 13, April 17, 2014)

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