The Importance Of Healthy Shocks And Struts

The shocks and struts on your car are what keep the ride running smoothly. This important component of your vehicle can wear out over time, and it can lead to quite a bumpy, uncomfortable ride. Not only do the shocks and struts offer better handling, but they also play a role in how safe your car operates, too. The purpose of this system is to absorb the impact from the road, keeping the tires and body of your vehicle in good shape. So, how do you know when it’s time to have your shocks and struts inspected? Read on for a few helpful tips.

Red Flags

As a general rule, you should have your shocks and struts looked at every 50,000 miles or whatever is recommended in your car’s owner’s manual. But sometimes, shocks and struts can wear out sooner, especially if you drive over a lot of rough terrains or you live in an area with a lot of potholes and road construction. Whenever you hit a bump, it jostles the shocks and struts, leading to wear and tear. Here are some “red flags” to be aware of in case you have an issue with your suspension:

  • You notice sudden, uneven wear on your tires particularly on the front or back tires
  • The steering suddenly seems difficult to maneuver, and it’s harder to turn corner smoothly
  • Your car starts to sway or lean, especially when turning corners and changing lanes
  • You see visible damage to your shocks and mounts like cracking and other wear
  • Your shocks are leaking fluid

If you notice any of these issues, it’s time to bring your car to us for a professional diagnosis so we can make the recommended repairs. So why are shocks and struts so important? In a nutshell, they absorb the shock from the road and keep your car from bouncing. But they’re also an integral element of your car’s suspension system. The shocks offer a place to mount the coil springs, and they help to maintain the height of your vehicle. If they’re damaged or broken, you can have difficulty steering which can be a safety hazard. Get your shocks and struts replaced at the first sign of trouble for a smoother, safer ride.

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