What Do The Fluids In Your Car Do?

Did you know that all standard cars use six main fluids? Here’s a quick list and description so you can keep your car running strong:

  1. Brake Fluid: This is a hydraulic fluid that is used to transfer the force that you use to step on your brakes into pressure. It makes the brake force more powerful.
  2. Coolant: Also known as antifreeze. This fluid prevents the engine from overheating by absorbing heat and transferring it away from the engine.
  3. Motor Oil: The main function of this oil is to reduce the wear on the engine. It does this by lubricating and protecting the moving parts in order to minimize heat that is caused by friction.
  4. Power Steering Fluid: This fluid increases the power of the steering wheel efforts. It helps a driver to easily control the steering wheel through all driving conditions.
  5. Transmission Fluid: This protects your transmission by lubricating the parts that move when your car is shifting gears.
  6. Windshield Washer Fluid: Last is the fluid that keeps the windshield of the car clean. Some varieties are labeled with qualities such as being all-season or “bug-removing.”

All cars have a recommended maintenance schedule that should be followed to keep the car running safely and at its best. Give us a call and we’ll help you figure out yours for free!

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