Why Does My Vehicle Need A Diagnostic Check?

We get it. You think that a diagnostic check is an excuse to add charges to your auto repair bill. We can see why you might think that, so we’re here to set the record straight. Fast Lane Automotive and many other auto service shops rely on diagnostic data to pinpoint and repair problems that are not visible to the naked eye. Automobile technology has changed over the years, and sometimes the only way to determine what is wrong with a vehicle is to run a diagnostic check. Let us explain further.

Modern Automobile Accessories

You love your rearview camera and onboard GPS. Isn’t awesome that you can make hands-free calls with the tap of a steering wheel button or a voice command. How about how your vehicle’s onboard computer reads your text messages to you? All of these things – these things that you cannot live without now – are run by onboard computers. Information technology has gone automotive.

As with any computer system, vehicles are equipped more and more with onboard electrical systems. Everything in your car, SUV or truck is run by computer and electricity. It used to be you could bring a car into the shop, describe the problem, and the mechanic could pop the hood and look directly at what he thought the issue might be. He could see burnt spark plugs. He could see a worn distributer cap.

This is still the case in some circumstances, but today’s automobile can literally cut the engine on the spot and leave the driver stranded with no idea why. An onboard computer operates all vehicle systems. It talks to system chips and makes adjustments based on feedback. If something wrong is detected, the computer will warn the driver or cut the engine immediately, depending on the issue.

Now You See Where Diagnostics Come In

You thought a diagnostic check just costs you more money but in reality, it saves you money. Let’s say your car did stop in the middle of the road and you cannot get it started again. Everything is dead. After a tow, it would take us all day to tear the car apart and find why the engine shut down. It takes a fraction of that time to hook your onboard computer up to the diagnostic machine to run the check.

Once the machine returns the error code identifying why your vehicle broke, Fast Lane Automotive can fix it. We are located in Orlando, FL, and you can reach us at 321-214-7045.

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