Why Is My Car Sputtering at High Speeds?

There are many reasons why your vehicle might sputter at high speeds the most common one is your fuel pump. The fuel pump regulates gas flow to the engine based on demand. If the engine isn’t getting enough gas, it will sputter at high speeds. If the engine isn’t getting enough gas, it could be a clogged fuel filter, clogged fuel lines, or problems with the fuel pump. Fast Lane Automotive explains engine sputtering is just one sign of a failing fuel pump. Here are other signs it’s the pump.

Engine Lag

Your vehicle’s engine needs more fuel when it climbs steep hills or hauls heavy cargo. If you notice your engine lags on hills or when you have a trailer hitched to the back, it could be your fuel pump. Again, in this instance, your automobile’s motor is not getting enough gas, and this could be because your fuel filter or lines or clogged or your fuel pump motor is dying.

Engine Surge

Your fuel pump might also move too much gas from the tank to the engine if it is having trouble. This will cause your motor to surge and your vehicle will suddenly pick up speed in spurts even though you didn’t press down harder on the accelerator. This symptom is strictly the fuel pump, so make certain to have it checked if your vehicle is surging while you drive.

Low Gas Mileage

Your vehicle’s gas mileage depends on how efficiently it operates. If you do not have your vehicle maintained as recommended by its manufacturer, you will have low gas mileage for a number of reasons. If you notice you’re car, truck, or SUV is suddenly guzzling fuel, your fuel pump’s relief valve might be the culprit. It could be opening too wide and pushing extra gas into the engine.

Engine Stalls

The fuel pump is likely to blame if your automobile overheats and stalls and could be to blame if it won’t start at all. If you’ve noticed your temperature gauge rising and then your vehicle stalls out suddenly, the issue is probably your fuel pump and not your radiator. If your vehicle tries to start and then revs a few times before dying, your fuel pump is screaming for help. 

Fast Lane Automotive in Orlando, FL, would be happy to inspect your vehicle’s fuel system, including the fuel pump, if your car, truck, or SUV is doing any of the above. Call us at 321-236-9336.

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