Your Transmission Fluid Will Tell You If The Transmission Needs To Be Replaced

The health of your vehicle’s transmission is crucial because of one simple reason: it’s expensive to replace a transmission. If you end up needing a new transmission, Fast Lane Automotive can replace it and save you as much money as possible in the process. You can avoid this, however, with regular transmission inspections because guess what? The fluid can tell us and you a lot about how healthy your vehicle’s transmission is and whether you’re on the road to transmission trouble.

Transmission Fluid Color Chart

Let’s talk about the transmission fluid in greater detail. Your transmission’s fluid is more than just a lubricant that protects the gears and other moving parts. Transmission fluid is one of the hydraulic fluids in your automobile – brake fluid is another one – and this means that it aids in the transmission’s gear-shifting process. Transmission fluid goes through color stages that reflect its usefulness. They are

  • Red and Clear: New transmission fluid that does not need to be changed
  • Light Brown and Semi-Transparent: Aging fluid that should be changed soon
  • Dark Brown and Opaque: Old and dirty fluid that needs to be changed ASAP
  • Black: Old and dirty fluid that has oxidized and is damaging your transmission
  • Pink: Transmission fluid mixed with coolant and severe transmission damage

The latter is one reason why you would need a new transmission. There has been a serious breach in the transmission and/or cooling system and the coolant is mixing with the transmission fluid. The breach isn’t the only problem. The diluted transmission fluid will further damage the transmission parts for which it is responsible, leaving you with a huge mess underneath your automobile.

Other Signs Your Transmission Needs to Be Replaced

Your vehicle’s transmission fluid won’t be the only sign you’ve got a problematic transmission that, at the very least, needs servicing and repair. Other signs of transmission problems include

  • Burning smells coming from underneath your car
  • Check engine light warnings as you drive
  • Clunking or grinding noises when shifting gears
  • Gears slipping out of gear or shifting incorrectly
  • Humming or whining sounds when in neutral
  • Leaking fluid near the center of your car
  • Your vehicle refusing to go into gear

Call Fast Lane Automotive at the first sign of transmission trouble. We’ll set up an appointment for you at our Orlando, FL, auto repair shop to inspect your transmission. Once we find the problem, we’ll let you know what we need to do to fix it.